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Industries & Partners

Forging the Future: Our Industries & Esteemed Partnerships

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Automotive OEMs:

Automotive OEMs represent the backbone of the automobile industry, driving innovation and setting standards for quality and performance. The Davis Groupe, with its deep-rooted expertise and commitment to excellence, has forged strong partnerships with leading OEMs. These collaborations not only highlight the trust and reliability associated with The Davis Groupe but also underscore their pivotal role in shaping the future of automotive manufacturing.

  • Toyota: The Davis Groupe shares a unique relationship with Toyota, being one of the few providers collaborating with all Toyota units. They stand as the sole source for robot bases and controller stands, delivering specialized design and construction for both plants and research & development.

  • Nissan: The Davis Groupe has designed and constructed material transfer systems, offering specialized design and construction services for plants.

  • Mazda: Specialized production equipment has been designed and constructed.

  • Lucid: They have designed, constructed, and installed production support equipment.

Automotive Tier 1 and Tier 2

Automotive Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers play a crucial role in the complex ecosystem of vehicle manufacturing, providing specialized components and solutions that ensure the seamless functioning of vehicles. The Davis Groupe, recognizing the significance of these suppliers, has established robust collaborations with industry leaders in this segment. These partnerships reflect The Davis Groupe’s dedication to quality, innovation, and the pursuit of excellence in the ever-evolving automotive supply chain.

  • ThyssenKrupp
  • TI Fluid Systems
  • Kyowa America
  • Hokuto USA
  • Bridgestone
  • Michelin

Non Automotive

While The Davis Groupe is renowned for its expertise in the automotive sector, its prowess extends beyond. In the diverse landscape of industrial solutions, The Davis Groupe has forged strong partnerships with giants in various non-automotive industries. These collaborations underscore the versatility of The Davis Groupe and its commitment to delivering top-tier solutions across different sectors.

  • General Mills: Robot PMs and emergency services.
  • PPG: Support for material handling systems.
  • PepsiCo: Safety equipment.


In the ever-evolving world of technology, robotics stands at the forefront, revolutionizing industries and daily life. The Davis Groupe, in partnership with Kuka Industries, is committed to harnessing the power of robotics to deliver innovative solutions. From intricate tasks like palletizing to broader applications in consumer goods, our expertise ensures precision, efficiency, and reliability.

  • Kuka Industries: The Davis Groupe is THE integrator for Kuka Industries, operating in various domains from palletizing to consumer goods.

Some of our Projects

General Mills Robotics:

General Mills relied on The Davis Groupe for robot PMs and emergency services, ensuring smooth operations and quick response times.

PPG Material Handling:

PPG’s material handling systems received dedicated support from The Davis Groupe, emphasizing their prowess in handling complex systems.

PepsiCo Safety Equipment:

Safety is paramount, and PepsiCo trusted The Davis Groupe to design and build their safety equipment, ensuring a secure working environment.