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Equipment Rental

We make renting industrial cleaning equipment easy. Contact us today for a demonstration or to rent

Equipment Details: 

Applicator w/o light attachment; 

2E0425-G1 Bonding Cable Shaft Collar for 1” 

Blast Hoses;3N0088 Handle, 1” OD Tubes ADJ; 2E0209 Hose, 

blast, 1” x 20’, electric, rubber, aero; 2N0255-G2 

Static bond cable, 40’; 2G1307 

Cold Jet Rental Rates 

Price per day: $600 

Price per week: $1,500 

Price per month: $3,750 

*Please note that freight for pick up and delivery is an added expense. 

Dry Ice Rental Expenses 

1/8” Dry Ice blasting pellets (prices are per lb.): 

Please contact us for pricing. 

A minimum of 5 business days is required for dry ice orders. 

*Please note that freight for dry ice rental will be added 

Aftercooler Rental

$150 per day

Deposit Required

A $1500.00 refundable deposit is required for all rentals. This deposit will be refunded once the machine is brought back with all parts and accessories fully functioning 

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