Project Management of Special Machining Process – This project required TDGLLC- as a third party – to locate, qualify, and approve an Aerospace Certified Machine Shop to provide machining services in North America for critical aerospace components. Upon approval and acceptance, our customer provided us with a 1 + 4 year automatically renewable contract for these services. Contract amount: $100,000 annually.

Engine Test Harnesses – Two of our OEM Automotive Customers relies on us to provide a variety of common & specialty test harnesses for various engine test scenarios within their facility before shipping the engines to the final assembly plants. We design, manufacture, and assemble over 115+ singular style cables for these critical quality test systems in their facility.

We also make a variety of other specialty wire and cable products (robot cables, stamping press cables, etc) making this the fasting growing segment of our business.

Robot Bases/Pedestals – Our largest customer, for over a decade, has depended on us providing large fabrication weldments to support their robotic systems for weld assembly within their North American plants. This has consisted of over 500+ units the past decade, of which some have included specialty designs and long traversing style pedestals/bases.
Quality/Re-Work Fixtures – Our newest OEM Automotive Manufacturer has contracted with us to provide engineering, fabrication, and assembly services to design new hold fixtures for critical car parts. This project includes modifying existing racks and designing new ergonomically friendly tables to increase productivity and reduce fatigue. Our first design was so overwhelmingly accepted, that we were given 10 additional racks (4 different car parts) for similar services.

Installation of Utilities for Injection Mold Equipment – Over the last year, we have been selected by a new local injection mold company to provide mechanical and electrical installation for their new Injection Mold machines AND this included the installation of their new chilled water system. There have been a total of 12 machines, all on budget with on time delivery.

This customer has also single sourced The Davis Groupe, LLC for all of their modular tubing components which they use to build flow racks, work tables, and other process critical items.

Lift Table Project – One of our oldest light manufacturing OEM customers asked us to provide a group of specialty lift tables to be used for assembly and inspection, along with installation of those tables. We worked with one of our lift table suppliers to design what was required, and are currently scheduling the installation of these tables.

Conveyor Systems – We provide a variety of conveyor solutions, but one recent project required us to work on site at another Tier 1 OEM supplier to layout conveyors for removal of excess plastics. These conveyors had to be placed inside existing equipment – already in use. We provided layout drawings and upon approval, had one of our conveyor suppliers provide fabrication of the conveyors (2 different systems performing the same function) which were installed and work exactly as required.Conveyor picture at Decherd


Specialty Cylinder Checking Fixture – This was an interesting project. The objective was to build a portable cylinder checking fixture to ensure cylinder rod actuation BEFORE the cylinders were placed into service – thus confirming they worked and saving unnecessary removal time. This involved machining, assembly, HMI panel, and documentation.

Specialty Ergonomic Lift Assist Devices – The Davis Groupe, LLC has signed an agreement with EFS Industries in Germany to assist with their new American operations located in Greer S.C. This will include sales and installation capabilities. This partnership is VERY exciting to us, because of the World Class products and engineering which EFS is known for throughout the world. We are currently working on multiple projects at 2 large foreign Automotive OEM companies in the Southeast.


Robot Bases
- Major Automotive Manufacturer – 70 units – $50,000.00

2300mm Robot Base-2Special Design Build Cylinder Testing Stand

- Major Automotive Manufacturer – $25,000.00

Project Management of Special Machining

- Aerospace Supplier – $50,000.00 annually/4+ year contract

Engine Testing Harnesses
Major Automotive Suppliers – 200+ units annually – $350,000.00+ annually

Reverse Engineering Fabrication/Machining of Critical Parts
- Major Automotive Supplier – 100+ units annually – $100,000.00+ annually

Crane Repair with Structural Engineering Stamp
- Major Casting Supplier – $7,000.00

Installation of Injection Molding Equipment
- Tier 2 Automotive Supplier – $90,000.00

Universal Modular Tubular Building Components
- Tier 2 Automotive Supplier – $75,000.00

Miscellaneous Parts Supply
- Tier 1 Automotive Supplier – $3,000.00

Agricultural Hose
- Major Product Supplier – $7,000.00 annually

Stamping Press Electrical Cables and Hoses
- Major Automotive Supplier – 50+ units annually – $35,000.00+ annually

Modular Safety Guarding Components
- Tier 1 Automotive Supplier – $35,000.00

Overhead Enclosed Track Components
- Tier 1 Integrator – $27,000.00

Chilled Water Line Extension
- Tier 2 Automotive Supplier – $5,000.00

CMM Room Installation
- Tier 1 Automotive Supplier – $125,000+

Installation of 3 Heat Furnaces
- OEM Manufacturer – $85,000+

Wheel Chock Fabrication and Replacement on Final Assembly Line
- OEM Auto Assembly – $18,000

Specialty Guarding Supply and Installation at R&D Lab
- OEM Auto Assembly – $7,000+

Robot Base for Body Weld Lines
- OEM Auto Assembly – Canada – 20,000+

Installation of LED Lights used for Quality Inspection at Engine Assembly Facility
- OEM Engine Manufacturer – 8,000

Specialty Valve Panel Stands for New Weld Process
- OEM Auto Assembly, Canada – $12,000

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